We’re on a mission to
confidence at work
Confident teams = satisfied customers = motivated staff = successful businesses. That’s why we’re obsessed with great training, and re-thinking how product knowledge is transferred to teams, so everyone can feel fulfilled at work.
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Built from real-world experience
Small Batch Learning CEO Adam Leibrandt

The story starts with our founder, Adam Leibrandt. Working as a certified hospitality trainer delivering accredited training, Adam repeatedly witnessed young employees being short-changed.

Training wasn’t sales or customer focused, the delivery mechanism (face-to-face) was archaic, and results non-existent. Staff ended up feeling stupid in front of guests when they couldn’t answer basic questions about the products they sold, and confidence at work suffered. Customers left restaurants unsatisfied; staff left the industry, fed up.

At the same time, Adam saw managers, retailers and alcohol brands facing an uphill battle to deliver quality training at scale. He knew technology was the solution, but nothing in the market – largely one-size-fits-all platforms built for compliance training – addressed the specific needs of hospitality and retail.

So, in 2015, he committed to creating something better. And this is what really sets Small Batch Learning apart: it’s a solution born out of Adam’s real-world experience, built by a team of industry experts, with workplace confidence the ultimate goal.

1M +
lessons delivered
We deliver over one million lessons to retail and hospitality teams every year, enabling their confidence to succeed at work
highly satisfied users
84% of our users found their training to be highly useful in preparing them to deliver great customer experiences
Our guiding principles
Search world

Solve real problems

Ask questions, listen openly and champion customer-centric design

Work scientifically

Trust evidence over opinions; build, measure, learn, repeat

Respect the learner's time

Friction-free user experiences; relevant, job-optimised training

Display radical candour

Be accountable, honest and agile; challenge the status quo
Meet our executive team
Small Batch Learning executive team
Duncan Campbell
Small Batch Learning executive team
Ben Lau
Head of Design
Small Batch Learning executive team
Dan Bignold
Head of Content
Small Batch Learning executive team
Adam Leibrandt
Small Batch Learning executive team
Eric Chiu
Head of Technology
Small Batch Learning executive team
Jitesh Chhabria
VP of Product
Small Batch Learning executive team
Jonathan Chiu
Head of Delivery
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We have open roles in engineering, product management, product design, sales & account management. If you're passionate about solving difficult problems and working with some of the world's most recognisable alcohol, retail, and hospitality brands, get in touch – hello@smallbatchlearning.com.

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