Five ways Small Batch Learning can help your business make money
Platform features
Aug 27th, 2019
Service training is essential for hospitality venues that want to drive revenue. Here’s how Small Batch Learning's product training helps your bar, restaurant or hotel increase sales.

Staff training can get lost in the daily grind. Even when eLearning providers offer the convenience of online training, it comes at a cost that plenty of businesses find prohibitive.

But never forget why people attach so much importance to training in the first place. Hospitality businesses that provide four hours of training not only have 20% less turnover, but better repeat custom and higher spend-per-head. That is, you make more money.

For hotels, bars, and restaurants, Small Batch Learning’s training will make sure all your staff are ready to deal with customers in the way you (and the guest) expect them to, and will give them the knowledge they need to increase your outlet’s revenue. Here’s how managers can use Small Batch Learning to get tangible results:

1. Start recipe and product training, for staff confidence

Staff that understand a product sell more of it, especially when it’s a premium offering that requires a little more upselling to justify the price difference. The problem facing managers is you can’t be sure all your staff members are confident explaining everything your bar sells.

What happens when a guest or customer comes in looking for a recommendation, but speaks to the “wrong” team-member? How can you gather concise, fluff-free info on each and every bottle (or drink), in one convenient learning location, and make sure all staff can access it?

The answer is Small Batch Learning. The Small Batch Learning platform allows managers to create an online breakdown of their real-life menu or stocklist, to which they can add all the products and recipes sold in their outlet.

Small Batch Learning also works with brands to develop short and sharp lessons to engage staff in product knowledge, enabling them to recommend and sell to guests. These lessons allow managers to train teams on the individual products relevant to each outlet.

Small Batch Learning also presents specific information, as well as tasting notes and concise selling points, for each product. By helping all staff better understand the products they serve, Small Batch Learning maximises knowledge retention and improves your team’s ability to drive revenue.

Add in the ability for bars to train staff on the taste profile and talking points behind each of your menu’s cocktail recipes, Small Batch Learning becomes an essential tool for making sure your whole team is armed with the necessary product knowledge to deliver your outlet’s service promise to guests.

2. Core beverage knowledge, covered

At an even more basic level, staff need to understand not just products, but the categories of beverage they’re selling. It’s no use a staff member discussing that special bottle of single malt if they don’t know why it’s different to a blended whisky at half the price on your menu. A guest isn’t going to trust an upsell if your team-member can’t answer a question confidently. And it’s even more painful when a team-member gets something wrong about a product that a guest already knows themself.

As part of our professional training on beverage, Small Batch Learning provides introductory alcoholic drinks courses covering both foundation-level knowledge (Alcoholic Beverages, Level 1) and more advanced lessons for bartenders and floor staff with more experience (Alcoholic Beverages, Level 2). These courses contain text, photos and video, as well as helpful graphics to explain taste profiles for different sub-categories and products.

3. Train staff to recommend wine successfully

Recommending wine is something that new and seasoned staff alike can struggle with. Something about the huge variety in wines – plus the vague and subjective language guests like to use to describe their preferences – can leave team-members in panic mode.

But since most outlets with wine on their menus can’t justify a dedicated sommelier, and since managers need to make sure everyone who faces guests gets comfortable discussing wine, our Tasting and Recommending Wine course is an essential tool to help drive wine sales in your outlet.

At Small Batch Learning, we believe effective recommendation starts with a confident understanding of how something actually tastes. And although you can spend a lifetime trying to learn everything about wine, we break down a wine’s flavour using a simple system involving just three questions (that anyone can master) to find out what a guest really wants to drink.

4. Make sure staff meet guest expectations

Of course, it’s not just product knowledge that makes a successful bar. Guest experience is everything – and your hospitality, your service style, the systems you set up to make sure a customer is well looked after will make sure you get this just right. That’s why our Bar Service and Floor Service courses are fantastic resources to make sure your staff are trained to meet guest expectations.

Lessons cover the craft skills needed for beverage and floor service, plus topics such as the importance of cleanliness and tips for making money, among many, many more – all essential to smooth-running operations. And guests who leave happy are more likely to come back and spend their hard-earned with you again (hopefully with even more friends).

5. Keep staff in the loop on sales promotions

As one of the features specially built for hospitality, Small Batch Learning allows managers to communicate to teams with any sort of operations announcements. This could be welcoming a new staff member, or flagging up upcoming training sessions. Or, the function could also be employed to make sure all staff are up to speed with new sales promotions.

We think using all the above tools that Small Batch Learning has specifically built for beverage service training will help your staff increase revenue for your business. To find out more about the training we offer, get in touch here.