Keep your learning record for life
Platform features
By Dan Bignold
Apr 20th, 2020
With Small Batch Learning, you keep your account and learning record forever – even if you change jobs – meaning you'll never repeat lessons, and your future manager will know what you’ve already learnt.

Your Small Batch Learning user account belongs to you for life. It’s yours, to carry with you wherever your career in hospitality or retail might take you.

We don’t cancel your account if you stop using it for a few months, or if you change jobs. It’s your account, not your boss's (or even ours).

It doesn’t even matter if you need to change email.

And, if your new manager assigns you to a training plan, any lessons and courses from Small Batch Learning that you’ve already passed will be shown as completed.

Not only does your new manager get an accurate idea of the actual training you require, but there’s no need for you to repeat anything – better respecting your time. (Of course, if you want to revisit lessons to refresh your knowledge, you can.)

In other words: any time you spend on the platform training now is also an investment in your future career and your future workplace recognition.