Building a healthier, happier hospitality industry
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By Dan Bignold
Jan 14th, 2020
Our new partnership with Healthy Hospo helps bars, restaurants and hotels look after staff's physical and mental health.

Small Batch Learning, the smart learning network for hospitality, has launched a partnership with Healthy Hospo, the industry’s first dedicated health and wellness training platform, to promote mental and physical wellbeing in the industry.

Healthy Hospo was created by Avallen Calvados co-founder and former Diageo brand ambassador Tim Etherington-Judge to help build a healthier, happier industry. Through the partnership, Healthy Hospo is providing its online training for bars, restaurants and hotels on Small Batch Learning’s own elearning platform.

The free Level 1 course will be inserted into all Small Batch Learning training plans, or can be added by outlet managers to their own training plans from the Small Batch Learning training library.

Healthy Hospo’s training is produced in partnership with experts in their field, and both courses cover the following subjects: the importance of sleep, exercise and nutrition, improving physical and mental health, and how to promote healthy operations at work. 

Tim set up Healthy Hospo after being re-diagnosed with Severe Uni-polar Depression, following a breakdown in November 2016, in part caused by a hectic and unhealthy lifestyle. Instead of suffering alone, Tim decided to share his situation with friends and colleagues – and received an overwhelming response.

By admitting his illness in public, he uncovered a world of pain and suffering among many in the industry, most of whom didn’t have the corporate safety net of long-term sick leave or full-coverage health insurance to support them. It was during this period that the seed for Healthy Hospo was sown.

“Hospitality is an extremely demanding and often unhealthy industry to work in,” says Tim. “It was only after my breakdown that I began to realise the extent of the problems affecting so many hospitality professionals. From chronic rates of sleep deprivation and substance abuse, to sky-high issues with mental health, we are not a healthy industry – and we often suffer in silence. It's time to change the conversation and stop putting our health, and that of our colleagues, at the bottom of the to-do list.”

Since launching Healthy Hospo, Tim has travelled the world offering training workshops to help educate and inspire hospitality professionals to lead healthier, happier lifestyles. Now for the first time, he has partnered with Small Batch Learning to make Healthy Hospo training available to everyone, everywhere online.

“A healthy mind, body and workplace should be a non-negotiable, and we’re proud to partner with Healthy Hospo to help address these topics,” says Duncan Campbell, COO of Small Batch Learning. “As we continue our mission to make hospitality training accessible and relevant, this partnership will shine a light on serious issues facing the industry that are often pushed aside or laughed off. We’re thrilled to support Healthy Hospo scale up and help further the impact of its crucial training.”

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