User FAQs & troubleshooting
Here are answers to the commonly asked questions from our community of learners about how the platform works and how to solve problems:
Introduction: Platform access, apps & passwords
How do I access the platform?
You'll need the email address you signed up with and the password you created. Click the "sign in" button and follow the instructions. It's a good idea to click the "remember me" box – your login details will be saved for next time.
What are the minimum browser requirements?
For optimal user experience, we recommend that you install the latest version of your browser. Please click here to upgrade or install the latest version of your browser. Chrome and Safari will give you the best user experience, although the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox will also work.
Is Small Batch Learning available as an app?
Yes, and we recommend downloading the app for the best learner experience.
To download the app for Android, click here.
And for iOS, here. are available
Your login details for the app are identical to your login details for the web platform. Note: Even without an app, the platform has been optimized for mobile web viewing on the learner side (however, we recommend viewing on desktop when signed in to an outlet platform as an admin).
I have forgotten my password.
No problem. Please click on the link here and enter your registered email address – an email will be sent to the email address with a link to create a new password.
I no longer have access to the email address I signed up with.
You can still sign in to the platform with your old email address, even if you don’t have access to that email anymore. But next time you sign in, please update your account with your new email address. After signing in, click on your profile picture in the top right corner, then click on "account" then change your email.
When I click on my email invitation from my team or manager, it says it’s expired.
Please get in touch with your manager or platform admin and ask them to re-send the email invitation.
Training: The Training Library, product training & feedback
I am part of an outlet platform, can I still access the training library?
Yes, you have unlimited access to all content in the training library. You can add training, products or recipes to "My Shelf" which allows you to learn anything you want, without requiring a manager to assign it to you.
What is product training?
We work with brands to bring you the key information you need to know about the products you sell in your role.
We specifically focus on selling points, and respect your time by avoiding repeating too much category knowledge within product training. We also encourage brands to avoid marketing buzzwords and focus on information that will help you sell their product. If you see something you that is derogatory, misleading or you think doesn't meet our training ethos, just let us know.
What are courses?
A course is a larger collection of lessons on a wider subject.
I don't agree with something you're teaching.
We try to avoid telling you do and don't in our training, instead trying to teach the background to a decision and leave it up to you to decide on how to best go about it. While we believe our training is great, we'll occasionally miss the mark. We'd love your feedback, and if it is reasonable, we'll likely implement it. Email us at with the subject line "content feedback".
Your classic cocktail spec is wrong.
Classic cocktails are subjective, as is your (and your guests’) palate. We've done our research and feel our recipes are a solid representation of each drink… but we also guarantee that not everyone will agree with our specs. That's okay. Feel free to send us an email with your version, we'd love to hear from you.
Better yet, if you belong to an outlet platform, your admin can customise the SBL specs to suit how you make the drink in your venue.
I want to do training on ___________!
Are we missing something that you think should be covered? Let us know –
Training: Certificates, badges & leaderboards
When do I receive a certificate?
You will receive a certificate of merit upon completion of a Small Batch Learning course. A course is a collection of lessons, generally anywhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours in length.
What format is the certificate
We provide the certificate to you in pdf format. You are free to download and print, or upload directly to your social channels to share with your network.
How do I access my certificates?
All your certificates are available through your account. Click on My Learning, and you will see a link near the top, underneath the main illustration. Alternatively, click on your profile picture, then "account", then "certificates".
What do badges get me?
Badges recognise your completion of a lesson – a micro-credential. There are two types: lesson badges for completing a lesson from Small Batch Learning; and product badges, earned for completing a lesson authored by a brand or third party. Badges also contribute to your leaderboard position, so don’t discount their importance.
How do I get higher on the leaderboard?
Your leaderboard score is based on an algorithm that considers your activity on the platform as well as your average quiz score (including all attempts at each quiz question). Completing more lessons and not getting too many quiz answers wrong at the first or second attempt will therefore help you climb higher on the leaderboards.
How it works, in detail: Each product badge is worth 2 points, while each lesson badge earns 1 point. This total score is then multiplied by your average quiz score to give a final score. For example, you’ve got an 80% average quiz score after passing 10 course lessons from Small Batch Learning and 6 product training lessons in a Virtual Menu. Your score: 10 + (2 x 6) x 0.8 = 17.6.
Outlet platforms: Inviting staff, permissions & organizing learner groups
When I invite staff to join our team on our platform, what are "permissions"?
Permissions refer to what a user is allowed to do on your platform:
  • Admins have admin permissions – they can access the admin side of your outlet’s training platform to edit content, add or remove staff, send announcements, and view your team’s stats.
  • Learners can only view and complete training through My Learning – as well as browse the training library and add content to their My Shelf for personal learning. The only stats learning they can see are their own.
Note: A manager in your venue doesn’t necessarily have to be classed as an admin in terms of "permissions", if you don’t need them to also manage the platform on Small Batch Learning. They could be defined as a learner (in terms of permissions), but still be a manager at work (and be added to a managers learner group, to make sure they get management-specific training).
What are learner groups and how do I use them?
Learner groups are staff in your team that have the same job role at work, for example bartenders. Use learner groups to assign these staff with the correct training plans and menus.
For example, our default learner groups are: Bar Team, Floor Team and Managers. You can assign Bar Team the Bartender | Level 1 training plan and Floor Team the Waitstaff | Level 1 training plan.
You can manage and create new learner groups under the Learner Groups tab, and you can assign the correct training plan/s to each learner group under the Training tab.
Should I give all my managers access to manage our outlet / group platform as admins?
It is totally up to you how many platform managers you create, or whether you choose to define a real-life manager in your venue as a platform admin or just a learner.
However, since a platform admin can access all stats, as well as edit or remove content, and add or remove staff and send announcements, you may want to limit the number of people who have access to these functions.
Remember that within a group structure you can also make a team member the platform manager for a sub-outlet, but not for the parent, which limits which outlet accounts they can manage.
Video playback error.
That’s no good. Please logout, login and try again. Please check that you are using the latest version of our app, or if on a computer, that you have the latest version of your internet browser installed.
If none of the above has helped solve your problem, please speak to your manager or send a message through the or help buttons when you are logged in. If you can't log in, please direct your enquiry to