Want an editable online recipe library to train staff?
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By Dan Bignold
Oct 17th, 2019
Ensuring service teams know your menus inside out, so they can explain signature and classic cocktails to any guest that asks, is essential for meeting customer expectation. Small Batch Learning gives hospitality managers the solution.

“I like this cocktail name, the ‘I Haven’t Got A Clue’,” asks the giggling guest. “Can you tell me what’s in it?” Unfortunately, no, your waitstaff cannot. Someone explained the drink in a pre-shift meeting a week ago, but this is the first time someone’s ordered it from him and he’s forgotten. “Right, hold on a second, I’ll just go find out,” comes the weak reply. The guest’s giggles fade to a groan – they’re quite thirsty after all, and now just wished they’d ordered a beer.

The challenge for hospitality managers is how to make sure that everybody in your team understands all the drinks sold in your venue, in order that service fails like the one described above don’t happen again. And since staff that understand a product sell more of it, managers need to give their frontline service teams not just the information to answer questions, but also the confidence to upsell, cross-sell and make recommendations to guests.

Small Batch Learning has the answer: online recipe training. Freely available to all users of our hospitality and retail-specific learning platform, the recipe feature allows managers to create an online breakdown of their real-life menus (or stocklists), to which they can add any product or recipe sold in their outlet.

Recipe training ultimately helps reduce service black spots in your outlet

As a manager of a bar, you can add classic cocktail recipes from our ready-written library, or you can input your own recipes for signature drinks. If you want to customize any of the pre-authored recipes from Small Batch Learning so they match the specs (and brands) used in your venue, no problem, you can do that too. And by combining recipe specs with simple talking points introducing style, strength and tasting notes, your staff not only explain your cocktails but help guests make the correct choice. Turns out “I Haven’t Got A Clue” was not what they were expecting at all...

For bartenders, each entry includes notes and tips on method and ingredients, helping them understand how to adjust the drink to suit guest preference or how the recipes can be twisted. It also includes a helpful frequency score, so managers and bartenders can prioritize training on high-frequency drinks first.

Our recipe training ultimately helps reduce service black spots in your outlet. Managers can make sure that all staff acquire the necessary knowledge, not just specialist bartenders or sommeliers. 

Small Batch Learning is also 100% optimized for mobile learning. With consumption of information via smartphone the overwhelming preferred choice for the millennial and Gen Z members of your workforce, you will be making sure you’re giving teams the most effective learning and development tools when it comes to improving performance at work.

In fact, our recipe training tool is just one of the ways that Small Batch Learning has solved the particular demands facing beverage service training in hotels, restaurants and bars. We offer several hours of pre-written core skills and drinks knowledge learning arranged into experience- and role-specific training plans.

If you want all these learning and development tools for your staff too – and less groaning, more giggling, from your guests – click here to find out more.