Will your staff training maximise profits post-lockdown?
By Dan Bignold
Mar 11th, 2021
For hospitality businesses re-opening after Covid, navigating 2021 successfully will mean cutting costs, not standards, in order to take full advantage of the revenue opportunities ahead.

Here are some difficult questions that hospo owners, food & beverage managers or learning & development specialists are going to ask themselves as they plan their re-opening in 2021:

  • Question 1: How are my 2021 training budgets affected by lockdown?
  • Question 2: How am I going to offer effective staff training with reduced budgets?
  • Question 3: How will our business recover without effective training?

If you’re looking for a solution to develop talent, onboard staff or simply maximise future revenue opportunities through better trained staff, that usually means a conversation with the boss or finance department.

Given how much revenue your business has lost this year, those chats are likely going to be a little bit awkward. And short.

Yet hospitality managers know that training is part of the secret sauce that improves an organisation. Unlike the accountants setting budgets, restaurant, hotel and bar managers know that training doesn’t just cost a business money; it builds a business too.

In a service-driven industry such as hospitality, developing talent to meet guest expectation is the opposite of “non-essential”. It’s what enables hotels, restaurants and bars to deliver a product, and make further revenue once guests are happily welcomed through their doors.

Improved skills leads to a better product. Better collective understanding of required service standards results in more satisfied guests. And better informed staff leads to less management time wasted correcting mistakes.

The only way a business can protect its bottom line is by cutting out costs elsewhere. Bye bye training

These are the topline benefits that underline the importance of creating a great training culture at work. But even just ten minutes spent each day by your service team, brushing up on the products stocked on your shelves, or learning how to upsell the cocktails on your list, gives staff the confidence in front of guests that leads directly to increased sales.

In 2021, the dilemma facing owners and managers is that these benefits are usually achieved with the help of external training providers or a technology platform to assist with delivery. Both cost money. But if sales revenue has crashed (through no fault of your own), the only way a business can protect its bottom line is by cutting out costs elsewhere. The hard reality? Bye bye training.

Is there an alternative? Well, Small Batch Learning has one answer. Instead of paying 3rd-party trainers to visit your properties, or licensing an expensive Learning Management System (LMS) with a dollar-cost per staff member – eye-watering when you’ve got 5,000 staff to train – we offer both for free.

Small Batch Learning is a mobile-friendly, online learning platform, complete with hours of ready-written beverage service training for absolutely no cost. Nothing.

There’s no catch. However many staff you need to train, the cost is the same. There’s no signing-on fee. No freemium model. No six-month introductory free period. Just 100% free, forever. You get all the revenue upside of training, without any hit to your bottom line. At least that’s one conversation with the finance director that just got easier.

Our training means business, because Small Batch Learning has a direct impact on sales

Even better, one of our core training pillars is product training – strengthening your team’s understanding of the spirts, wines, beers and cocktails they sell, to boost their confidence recommending and up-selling in front of guests. Our training means business, because Small Batch Learning has a direct impact on sales.

If it looks like Small Batch Learning might help you navigate the 2021 challenge ahead, take a look here to give you more of an idea of what we offer.

Alternatively, to have a look around our platform and content, sign up for a (free) individual learner account here.

And if you’d like to book a demo to understand not just our content, but the tools and features on our platform that make Small Batch Learning so effective for team training, send us an enquiry

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