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By Dan Bignold
Jan 18th, 2021
If you enjoy learning on Small Batch Learning as an individual, and work in hospitality, why not set up a platform for your whole team? Create your own content (or use ours), build a virtual menu, add your own recipes, and see who gets the highest score – all free! Here’s how…

Small Batch Learning is total open to individual learners, and we love having you learn with us. But did you know that our hospitality training platform was actually built as a professional learning management system (LMS) for companies to train whole teams?

Not only was Small Batch Learning created to solve the specific challenges of beverage service training, at scale, for the hospitality industry. But our hospitality lms was also launched with a ground-breaking business model – it’s free.

1. What key features does the fully free offer include?

  • An enterprise-level, mobile-first learning management system, created specifically for hospitality’s HR and training demands.
  • Easy-to-use content creation tools, with all your work customisable and editable in real time – as well as being fully secure, and fully owned by you (forever). Upload whatever existing training materials you use (eg training manuals, front of house SOPs, back of house SOPs, for beverage or kitchen, rooms or management), including text, photos, video, audio or attachments.
  • Access to the Small Batch Learning training library, with 30 hours (and counting) of ready-written core training courses, including: category knowledge, bar service, floor service, wine tasting, drink recommending, plus strategies for upselling and maximising revenue, Covid-19 safety, and staff mental and physical health training. All yours for free (and you can re-write and customise anything you don’t feel is right for your business).
  • Access to the Small Batch Learning product and recipe library with 1,000+ beverage SKUs and 100+ classic cocktails to build your own virtual menus and train staff on the products sold in your business. Customise our recipes or upload your own, to make sure your bar teams make drinks according to your own specs. Add selling tips to make sure your teams actively sell them.
  • Curated, job-specific, ready-to-go Training Plans (Bartender Levels 1 & 2, and Waitstaff Levels 1 & 2), so you can get your different service teams started without having to invest any time building a program yourself.
  • Certificates, badges and leaderboards, to help motivate and incentivise staff to learn through friendly competition.
  • Stats and weekly reports to track every staff member’s learning progress, giving you the data needed to manage an individual’s development and reward their success.
  • Unlimited staff numbers, and the ability to set up group structures with multiple outlets.
  • Android and iOS apps, plus website, accessible through the same account.
  • Free forever promise – this isn’t a time-limited free period or free trial. It's a long-term online training program for your hospitality business that will help deliver better customer service in the long run without taking anything from your bottom line.

2. How to set up your platform?

Step 1: If you aren’t the manager of your venue, ask your manager to fill out an enquiry form here. This helps us to understand your outlet’s needs and gather the info we need to set up the online training resources your platform requires.

Step 2: Small Batch Learning will then create your outlet’s training platform and invite the manager to join as your platform’s admin. From this point, there’s an express set-up, or the admin can fully customize the platform with your outlet’s own online training program (see section 3 below). Here's the express set-up:

Step 3: Your team can then be invited or join themselves using a unique company code – and it's time to start training!

3. How to set up your training platform

Once your training platform is set up, the platform admin can access our in-depth series of videos explaining how to set up all the platform’s key features and create your own online training platform. Videos cover:

  1. How to customise a cocktail recipe from the Small Batch Learning recipe library so it matches your venue's own recipe specs.
  2. How to build a virtual menu, so your employees can learn all the products or recipes served in your outlet, and how to make and recommend them properly.
  3. How to create and add a training plan, complete with the right courses, so that everyone from new employees to experienced staff gets training materials matched to their role.
  4. How to invite staff, give them the right platform permissions, and assign them to the right training plans.
  5. How to write an “About Us & SOPs” course, with a template tool to help you speed up the process.
  6. How to send an announcement to your team.

Remember, to get set up, your outlet’s manager or bar manager should contact Small Batch Learning using this form. We look forward to welcoming your whole team! 

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