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By Dan Bignold
May 12th, 2020
Implementing staff training online isn't meant to be easy. Until now. Our new how-to videos are part of a fresh approach to ensure new accounts are set up for sustainable success by teaching managers – through our LMS – how to build their hospitality-specific online training platform themselves.

You’ll hear plenty of bartenders say the only way to learn how to serve drinks is in a bar. Not in a classroom and not – you guessed it – through online training on a learning management system.

Having been part of the hospitality industry for decades ourselves, we couldn’t agree more. We too share the belief that the best way for staff to learn hospitality skills is by performing them. Over and over again.

So, "learning by doing" is precisely why we’ve changed the way we introduce new managers to their Small Batch Learning LMS – that is, their outlet's very own hospitality training platform.

Previously, we opted for the silver service route: setting up their learning platform on their behalf and taking care of system administrator tasks – adding training plans, adding the virtual menu, adding internal content – because we thought it made their life easier.

Well, easy doesn't mean better. So we’ve had a re-think. We realise now it’s much more likely to produce long-term success if new LMS owners have a crack at these tasks themselves, learning how to do them properly by, well, doing them.

This means we’ve updated our how-to guide for new managers with a series of eight training videos that walk you through how to set up your online training platform, all by yourself. The how-to guide takes just over 30 minutes to watch – while completing the majority of tasks to kick off your workplace learning platform for bartenders and FOH teams takes under an hour.

It’s well worth your time if you want to utilise the full breadth of Small Batch Learning’s elearning technology to train your staff – an LMS built specifically to cater to the needs of bars, restaurants, hotels and casinos.

It starts with an intro to your first 10 minutes on your training platform. Then covers off different hospitality-specific tools and features such as how to build your own virtual menu or how to assign a Small Batch Learning ready-written training plan to your team.

There are five more short videos like this to help you and your team get set up for success. You can watch the whole playlist here, even if you don’t have a training account yet.

Of course, you won’t be surprised to hear that here at Small Batch Learning, we also believe mobile friendly, online micro-learning – especially when it comes to the drinks, skills, and product knowledge needed to deliver top-class customer service – is a brilliant way to support practical know-how of your staff members.

But, fair’s fair, at some point you’ve got to roll your sleeves up, stop reading and start serving – and it’s in that spirit we present this new practical-led approach to onboarding new venues. (That said, we’re always ready to step in and help managers when needed – shoot us an email if you get stuck.)

And finally, on the subject of service. Although the idea of serving customers might feel a long way off for many managers right now, it’s vital to keep staff motivated by giving them tools to become more confident in their job – confident about products, drink-making and great service – even during this downtime.

What better way to do this than with your own hospitality LMS featuring online courses covering everything from mental health and employee wellbeing, to upselling and cross-selling the products stocked in your venue?

Use this opportunity to implement an online training program, so when your employees return to their jobs, the whole team can hit the ground running.

Whether you manage a hotel, cocktail bar, casino, restaurant, or any hospitality venue, Small Batch Learning’s online training technology that'll help you train staff and create memorable experiences for your guests.

If you'd like to sign up for your business' own LMS, completely free-of-charge, please click here and fill in your details.

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