Bars, why are you paying to train your bartender?
By Dan Bignold
Aug 27th, 2019
The hospitality industry is either spending big on bartending or other customer service training, or not spending enough. A radical solution from Small Batch Learning fixes both faults – by making online beverage training free.

Whatever your organisation’s position on employee training – whether it finds the budget to provide it, or decides it isn’t worth the investment – it’s costing the business money.

If your business is large enough, it’s paying for some kind of bartender training – often through a bartending course from an eLearning provider or with its own content hosted on a bespoke learning management system. And if it’s really large, and that training is charged per staff member, that’s an awful lot of budget to chip away at your bottom line.

Of course, training gets results – or should do – so while your costs increase, revenue from increased cocktail and drink sales is expected to go up. And that’s why those businesses that decide to save their money, and not invest in staff training, are losing money anyway.

It’s a lose-lose situation. Ouch.

That’s why Small Batch Learning created a whole new approach to your staff training headache: make it free.

Bars, restaurants and hotels – whatever your size, whatever your team headcount – can now create an outlet training account on Small Batch Learning, for free, and sign up as many of your staff as you want.

There’s no upsell, no hidden costs and no freemium version. With access to our beverage service training courses, classic cocktail recipes and product training lessons – all free – it's your very own zero-cost waitstaff and bartender training program.

That’s why Small Batch Learning created a whole new approach to your staff training headache: make it free

At the core of the Small Batch Learning business model is the principle of being free. We believe everyone deserves access to education, and hospitality is arguably one of the greatest industries on the planet for offering equal opportunity and social mobility through waiting and bartending jobs.

After all, if you get proper training and work hard to become a good bartender, it’s no exaggeration to say that a bartending career can help you work anywhere in the world.

Of course, there are some venues – usually smaller – where training is provided in-house, by passionate and organised bar managers, at no outgoing cost. And that training is successfully getting the results that business needs. We love this!

But even if you are that bar which has created its own formal, in-house training program – and not just for new staff, but ongoing, year-on-year learning and development – think about how else you can support your team (and therefore your business) by offering our free beverage service training:

  1. By combining online training with your own face-to-face sessions, to strengthen the impact your training is having.
  2. By giving everyone access to training, not just bartenders or new hires.
  3. By making sure training doesn’t just cover the essentials, but improves everything from product knowledge to service skills, so that your business can really blossom.

Of course, there’s no point being free if the training Small Batch Learning provides isn’t any good. But rest assured on that front – our training programs have now been adopted by Merivale and Applejack hospitality groups in Australia, two of the country’s most successful operators of premium bars. In Hong Kong, scene-leaders Tastings Group and Maximal Concepts are both now training their teams with Small Batch Learning.

You can read more opinions here – not least from global bar mentor Angus Winchester: “Small Batch Learning provides a solid, easy-to-navigate base for enlightened bars to build on and compelling content for learners of all levels, at a price point that is unbeatable – free."

There’s also no point in being free, however, if we then construct other barriers to your involvement. So Small Batch Learning has built its platform in a way that allows automatic on-boarding of multiple staff across multiple venues, and across multiple countries.

It’s no exaggeration to say that a bartending career can help you work anywhere in the world

We also welcome individuals – those not working at any bar – to sign up to a free account. Think of us a free bartending school where you can learn everything from how to make a mixed drink to classic cocktail recipes and all the drink-making and customer service techniques you'll need for when you do land that real bar job as a professional bartender.

Students who are paying for bartending classes might want to stop right there, and sign up here instead. We issue certificates for every free bartender course completed (rather than a final exam) which you can use to prove your knowledge later when applying for a job.

The platform also allows brands to roll out essential product training within a clearly defined, fluff-free format for large numbers of SKUs. And by targeting the right learners efficiently for each SKU, Small Batch Learning radically improves the dynamic that should see both sides of the industry benefit from each other’s business.

Whether you have five staff or 5,000, we’d love to hear from you – click here to set up your outlet’s own free training account. Or, to sign up as an individual, sign up here. Don't forget to tell your friends!

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