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The idea for Small Batch Learning was conceived by our founder and CEO Adam Leibrandt. Adam had worked in certified and in-house training for the hospitality industry, but felt the needs of young service staff were being short-changed by the standard of training on offer. At the same time, he knew that managers faced an uphill battle to deliver quality training at scale, and believed that technology could provide the solution.
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Searching for Solutions
Next stop, a Learning Management System (LMS). At first Adam thought he could find the platform he needed from an existing LMS provider. He looked at nearly 100, all which claimed to hold the "secret recipe" to business success. Except, well, they didn’t… All presented nothing more than a "your-business-my-solution" attitude when it came to solving industry-specific issues. Yet, at the same time, telling one from another was impossible. After all, these existing technologies were built for corporate training, to overcome enterprise-level challenges (generally compliance training) for large companies with huge HR functions. The phrases "set and forget" or "tick and flick" come to mind.
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A Unique Answer
At that point Adam realised he needed to build his own solution, specifically for hospitality. The one-size-fits-all approach to online training doesn’t work for hospitality – there are simply too many variable demands. So what really sets Small Batch Learning apart is that we aim to solve a unique problem (hospitality training) with a unique solution – a hospitality-specific smart learning network that also trains staff on products. In fact, our core platform is the necessary answer to the issues that we faced when training our hospitality teams in multiple roles across multiple concepts – when there was no other flexible or cost-effective solution available to help.
The Team
To build it, Adam teamed up with Eric and Jonathan Chiu, whose own company Lime Inventory had solved another key challenge for the industry through technology – inventory control. Next, Duncan Campbell came on board as Chief Operating Officer, completing an executive team that was able to execute Adam’s idea into reality. Combining all their expertise and vision, Small Batch Learning was born. Community building and the first training material followed soon after, with Dan Bignold, co-founder of DRiNK Magazine, joining as Head of Content. And finally, Small Batch Learning welcomed its first learners in 2018, and now, in 2019, boasts users in 10 countries.
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